Money makes the world go around… If RAFTA was rolling in filthy lucre, we would invite all of our Members to be a part of RAFTA for free. However, though we have endless enthusiasm and love of all things theatre, we do not have an endless supply of money, so we need to charge fees for Membership, Festival entry and so forth. RAFTA’s fees and rates of compensation are proposed, debated and agreed each year at RAFTA’s AGM.

Fees (as agreed at 43rd AGM on 4 Nov 17)

Individual Life Membership – £10 (or 100 pennies (£1) during calendar year 2018)

Individual Annual Membership – £5 (not available during 2018).

Club Annual Membership (Full or Affiliated) – £50 

  • This should be paid each year during Mar/Apr, along with a RAFTA Club Membership Renewal Form sent to the Membership Sec by 31 Mar; the RAFTA ‘Club Membership’ year runs 1 Apr to 31 Mar to align broadly with the wider UK financial year.
  • This includes a single entry to the OAPF.
  • This includes entry to a draw at AGM to win the next year’s Club Membership for free.

OAPF Club Entry Fee (additional plays beyond first play) – £30.

OAPF Individual Attendance Fee (RAFTA Members) – £12 (this is a flat fee that applies whether someone attends the whole Festival or just a part of it; it is far better value to watch as many plays as you can!).

OAPF Individual Attendance Fee (non-Members, 16+ years old) – £16

OAPF Individual Attendance Fee (U16) – £0

RAFTA Club Adjudication Fee – £0 (the previous £40 fee has been waived since the 2014/15 RAFTA Competition Year. Clubs remain liable for providing accommodation for adjudicators; RAFTA covers travel costs).

RAFTA Playwriting Competition Entry Fee – £0 (prior to rules adjustment in Oct 2016, this was £10 for a full-length play and £5 for a one-act play).


Rates of compensation

RAFTA motor-mileage rate (Adjudicators and Course/Workshop leaders) – 45 ppm.

RAFTA motor-mileage rate (Committee members, service and civilian) – 30 ppm.

If use is made of public transport, the Treasurer will work with the individual claimant to agree reasonable compensation for expenditure. Ideally, expenditure would be covered on a receipt basis (actuals), but if the cost of the transport solution exceeded the amount that would have been paid in motor mileage for the same journey, the Treasurer reserves the right to make an affordability decision and only cover a portion of the claim. Email treasurer@rafta.co.uk with any queries that you may have.