Theatre Clubs

This page provides an outline of the relationship between RAFTA and its member clubs, as well as providing a list of current RAFTA Clubs (scroll further down the page for this). If you are in a theatre club that wants to join RAFTA, please consider your eligibility against the RAFTA Constitution and then look at the Join RAFTA page for details of how to apply for Club Membership.

RAFTA Clubs – an overview

Most members of RAFTA get involved with the Association through joining one of RAFTA’s member clubs.  The number of theatre clubs in RAFTA has always been a movable feast: whilst clubs at some RAF stations have thrived for many years, clubs based at other stations have formed and disbanded as and when servicemen with a theatrical bent have been posted in or out of the station.  What is certainly true is that the RAF has shrunk considerably since RAFTA was founded and many RAF stations have closed or become tri-service ‘Joint’ establishments.  Following petitioning by a number of RAFTA members, the RAFTA Constitution was reviewed and amended in 2009 to allow clubs that are not resident on RAF or tri-service establishments to join the Association.  This change means that when RAF stations close in the future, such closure need not be the end of any associated theatre club.  Also, RAFTA members who live far from an RAF station can join together to form a club; this allows our members to remain engaged with the Association even if they end up posted or retired to an area without a significant RAF presence.

So what is the relationship between RAFTA and its member clubs?  First, it is worth noting that RAFTA does not govern its member clubs; RAFTA and its clubs do not follow a traditional military command relationship.  Indeed, if one wanted to set up a new theatre club at an RAF station, that club would not be obliged to join RAFTA.  However, the club and its members would be missing out on the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and good times with other RAFTA members!  It is also worth noting that RAFTA does not bankroll its clubs; historically, some have been richer than the Association.  That said, on a case-by-case basis RAFTA may make loans or grants to member clubs to allow them to achieve specific goals that advance theatre in the RAF.

Prior to RAFTA’s 43rd AGM (4 Nov 17), Club Membership of RAFTA was an essential pre-condition for any club to enter the annual RAFTA One Act Play Festival (a separate entry fee was then paid to enter the Festival). and many would argue that being able to attend and compete at this wonderful weekend of theatre is well worth the membership fee!  Finally, member clubs of RAFTA can publicise their endeavours through the Association and also seek advice, help and support from other RAFTA members and member clubs.

Current RAFTA Member Clubs (as at 9 Nov 17)

Full Member Clubs

RAF Brize Norton: Brize Norton Theatre Club 

RAF Cranwell: Cranwell Amateur Theatre Society (CATS)

RAF Halton: Halton Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS)

RAF Henlow: Henlow Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS)

RAF High Wycombe: Command Performers

RAF Lossiemouth: The Buccaneer Theatre Club

Defence Medical School (Whittington): Postbox Players

Affiliated Member Clubs

London Area: PostScript Players

Lyneham: The Herculean Players

Norfolk (near Norwich): Stalham Players