Opportunity Knocks: proposals wanted for Project 2018

Project is Back! Yes, the amazing opportunity that is known as the ‘RAFTA Project’ is back. If you have an artistic vision, and you think you can see how to take it from page to stage, then you might relish the chance to direct or produce a RAFTA Project!

Some of you will have noticed that RAFTA did not run a Project in 2017… Don’t worry, after a brief hiatus, Project is back! The RAFTA Cttee is now seeking proposal submissions for Project 2018. The full detail can be found in the RAFTA Project 2018 Invite Letter  (see also RAFTA Project 2018 Invite Letter (word version) if you want to use any of the format/details in a submission).

Key dates to remember: submissions need to be with the Secretary by 22 January 2017. Please try to keep 25/26 February 2017 and 4/5 March 2017 free as the Committee will hold interviews/workshops with Project Proposers on one of these days.

A Project 2018 page has been set up on the RAFTA website. At the moment, it does not provide any more detail than you see here, but watch this space…