Help send an RAF Veteran to the Edinburgh Festival!

Dear RAFTAfarians!

Your help is needed to send an ex-RAF air-woman from adversity to the stars.

What is this about? Rebecca Crookshank, who served as an air defence operator from 1997 to 2001, has developed a one-woman show ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’  (WTF) about her life in the RAF which she is about to take to the Edinburgh Festival; you can see a BFBS interview with Rebecca at WTF BFBS Interview. Rebecca is seeking crowd-funding to get the show to Edinburgh: every penny counts (see Crowdshed WTF page).

What is WTF? Rebecca’s piece, ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’, illustrates the unique nature of Service life through a number of characters based on real-life airmen and women that Rebecca met during her time in the Service. WTF, which predates the RAF’s involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, shows that Service life has always presented challenges and hardship; it also reveals some of the dark humour and darker moments of life in the RAF. The clearest message is how the RAF inspired Rebecca and provided her with inspirational role models (including the first female Station Commander, the late Air Commodore Joan Hopkins).

Why should I help?

**  It takes courage to put on a solo show at the Edinburgh Festival; to do a show which shows the RAF, warts and all, and ultimately inspires people is something that might resonate with you. Rebecca’s story strikes a chord with me; it may strike a chord with you too. If it does, you can help her show become a reality.

**  From a purely selfish perspective, I very much hope that Rebecca may be able to meet with RAFTA members to share her experience of taking a piece of theatre all the way from concept to performance and staging it at the world’s greatest theatrical Festival.

**  Rebecca is doing a huge amount to publicise her play and to stress how much she owes to her military past which has ‘paved the way to her on-stage ambitions’; I think that this is fully in keeping with RAFTA’s charitable objects as it clearly puts the RAF and theatre together in the public eye (see Eastern Daily Press WTF article).

**  Some of you may have acted with Rebecca in the past (she was a member of Theatre 101 where she appeared in the musical ‘Half a Sixpence’) and might want to support her now.

I want to help; how and when can I help? See the Crowdshed WTF page and donate by 26 July 2025 (the site may be open after this, but if you are enthused by this, best to take a look before 26 July).

Where can I read more? See and