RAFTA Course 2016 – Stage Tech Workshop

lightingEver wondered how to get the most out of your stage or theatre? Tech is often forgotten about but done well will support and enhance the action on stage. Learn the basics of lighting, sound and special effects to take back to your club and wow audiences and directors with new skills and an altered approach to shared working. This course is aimed at those with all levels of knowledge looking to improve their technical understanding and directors seeking to get the best from their technical teams. The course is open to all RAFTA members, members of RAFTA Clubs and serving members of the RAF.

  • Topics Covered:
  • Type of lights and what they do
  • Understand lighting basics
  • Lighting for effect (colour/areas etc)
  • Practice lighting a scene
  • Sound system set up
  • Sound for effect
  • Use of sound reinforcement
  • How to beat feedback
  • Fold back for those on stage
  • Special Effects intro
  • Pyros available
  • Pyro safety
  • Pyro firing syst
  • Pyro set up
  • Pyro Demo

Date: 6-7 August 2016.
Time: Approx. 1000 start.
Location. Defence Academy Shrivenham.

The cost for attending the course will be £25 for RAFTA members, £45 non-members. The cost includes one night of accommodation at Shrivenham.

If interested please Email GobleRAFTA@gmail.com