Through in-house adjudication of productions, RAFTA seeks to help affiliated clubs and their members improve live theatre within the Royal Air Force.  The key aim of adjudications is to provide clubs with friendly and knowledgeable, peer review of their work where an independent, critical eye could identify highpoints as well as suggesting  alternative, possibly more effective  ways of directing, acting and staging a production.

RAFTA trains its own adjudicators to the Guild of Drama Adjudicators (GODA) standard.  They will provide both an ‘immediate’ verbal debrief after the production as well as a more considered written report soon afterwards.  The immediate verbal debrief can only be provided if there are no members of the Public present.  The written report will address all aspects of the production, including  arrival at the theatre and reception processes, the interpretation of the play in both its broadest and more detailed senses, the setting and technical aspects, the acting and any special features or innovations. The written report will be sent to the Club to use as it sees fit.

In addition to the written report, the adjudicator will complete a standard marking sheet for the play or pantomime which, together with the written report, will be sent to the RAFTA Adjudication Co-ordination Committee member (Adjudication Co-ord).  Adjudication Co-ord  will check the 2 documents for any anomalies between them and will  use the marking sheet in the assessment of the annual Festival awards.  Both the written report and the marking guide will be filed for future reference.

There is usually a modest charge (around  £40) for the adjudication.  However, in the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons each club was able to apply for a ‘one-off’ free adjudication; for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 seasons all adjudications are free (no £40 fee). However, the Club will still be required to accommodate or pay for the overnight accommodation of the adjudicator if this is necessary.  Travel costs will be borne by RAFTA.

Whether or not a production is to be adjudicated, the attached marking guides are useful reference documents for any club intending to put on a production.  They show what an adjudicator would be looking for and what should be addressed to help an audience get the maximum enjoyment out of an evening at the theatre.

Clubs requiring an adjudication should email Adjudication Co-ord  ( providing details of the production, including the production date and location, the type of production (e.g. 1-Act, full length, pantomime) and the preferred adjudication dates.

Below are PDF and word copies of the Adjudication Marking Guides used by RAFTA (a resource both for adjudicators and clubs).

RAFTA Adjudication Marking Guide (Complete, Plays & Pantos, PDF)

RAFTA Plays Adjudication Guide (PDF)

RAFTA Pantos Adjudication Guide (PDF)

RAFTA Adjudication Guide (Expansion of Director’s Interpretation, PDF)

RAFTA Adjudication Marking Guide (Complete, Plays & Pantos, Word)

RAFTA Plays Adjudication Guide (Word)

RAFTA Pantos Adjudication Guide (Word)

RAFTA Adjudication Guide (Expansion of Director’s Interpretation, Word)